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About Us

Ascend is a Business Broker and Merger & Acquisition advisory firm with national reach, specializing in value build advisory and sell-side transactions for privately held, family owned businesses for over 30 years. Our “sweet-spot” lies with mid- sized companies whose valuations range between $5 million to $100+ million. Our experience drives execution in achieving the highest valuations and best deal structures (cash up front, add-backs, purchase price tax allocation, escrows, working capital, leases, and more) leveraging our partner level commitments and thorough understanding of both our clients and buyers.


Our negotiating expertise and management of the due diligence process is performed with the utmost confidentiality and integrity, forming the cornerstones of our practice. Our partner level attention along with the process we employ is what enables us to obtain excellence in results.

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What We Do For You

Sell Side M&A


  • Prepare Company for sales process
  • Position Company’s value proposition
  • Target “RIGHT” buyers
  • Respond to buyers’ concerns
  • Negotiate deal terms
  • Manage sales process & momentum
  • Create competitive bidding environment
  • Manage due diligence process
  • Successfully close transactions

Value Build Advisory


  • Prepare initial valuation assessment
  • Optimize your marketing position
  • Enhance financial performance & reporting
  • Evaluate strategic acquisitions
  • Identify & resolve valuation “detractors”
  • Develop/refine strategic plan & execution
  • Position for maximum add-backs
  • Conduct pre-due diligence
  • Estimate potential transaction value & structure

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Ascend’s commitment, of time and Partner-level resources, consistently produces
exceptional results for our clients.

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-Henry David Thoreau

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