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About Us

Our firm has 30+ years experience.

With a focus on the middle-market and a proven track record of closed transactions, Ascend’s extensive CPA knowledge and experience, along with our team of expert bankers and partnership with Eaton Square, allows us to generate successful outcomes for our clients here in the US and around the globe.

Eaton Square is a cross-border M&A and capital service firm with over 28 offices across the world.

Our Eaton Square Partnership provides extremely valuable assets for clients who entrust their deals to Ascend.  It benefits our clients in three fundamental ways:

  • Exposure to Buyers and Sellers Internationally
  • Expertise in Key Verticals
  • Greater access to Growth Capital and Debt through SPP Capital Partners

Our partnerships allow us to remain committed to staying TIME DRIVEN and sourcing the RIGHT BUYERS so we can generate the BEST OVERALL DEAL.


Our 150-day transaction process keeps deals from falling apart. Our approach prepares management for the diligence ahead, addressing issues timely to keep positioning on track.


The “RIGHT” buyer is one that wants or needs your company strategically. Our ability to identify these buyers and engage them in a competitive bidding process is key to what sets us apart.


Our extensive CPA experience offers us the unparalleled ability to identify and increase EBITDA add-backs most never see. We focus on maximizing the cash proceeds in your pocket.

Don’t Go It Alone

We have your back because we are on the same team.

Ascend and team have performed hundreds of these over the last 30+ years. We know how to navigate transactions and negotiate terms that positively amplify your entire transaction.

The sophistication of today’s buyers has created multi-faceted transaction structures which require the involvement of a host of experts…accountants, lawyers, tax professionals and M&A specialists. They will all be part of your buyer’s team.

You need an M&A expert on Your Team who understands these strategies at every level and can navigate a transaction to obtain the Sales Price and Deal Terms you deserve.

Get a head start. On two recent occasions, we were engaged to re-negotiate deals that were done directly with the seller without representation. Once completed, we obtained valuations over 25% higher for both clients.  As great as this was, being engaged from the beginning to prepare, negotiate, and manage the due diligence process for the seller would have provided even greater transaction values and terms.

Cross the finish line. Equally important as initial negotiations is the Due Diligence process. This has become much more complicated in today’s business and regulatory world. The ability to have your company prepared and successfully manage the intensity of this process, while maintaining everything that was originally agreed to, is the name of the game.

You’re a respected expert in your field. We are the same at Ascend

Our Expertise

Providing Best-In-Class advisory services to
a wide array of industries.

Together Ascend and Eaton Square offer clients an extensive assemblage of experts focused on helping clients successfully complete their M&A transactions, capital raises and debt procurement. To learn more about how you can benefit from the Ascend/Eaton Square partnership…..

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Our Team

The Ascend/Eaton Square team is comprised of our accomplished M&A professionals and our expansive network of affiliates. These include CEO’s, high level consultants, and industry experts located throughout the country. Our team of professionals have been business owners themselves and consulted on some of the most intricate and high-level negotiations in their industries. The combination of our teams experience and expertise offers our clients more comprehensive knowledge and support resulting in superior outcomes.

Mike Friar, Founder

Ascend Strategic Partners


-Henry David Thoreau

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