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Our firm has 30+ years experience.

Ascend is a leading boutique M&A Advisory firm focusing exclusively on the middle-market. With a proven track record of closed transactions across the US, our extensive CPA knowledge and experience, along with our team of expert bankers and affiliates, allows us to generate successful outcomes for our clients.

Our focus is to stay TIME DRIVEN, identify the RIGHT BUYERS so we can generate the BEST OVERALL DEAL.

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Our 150-day transaction process keeps deals from falling apart. Excess time kills most transactions. We employ a “Shark Tank” analysis, asking the right questions to generate a deep dive into the strengths and vulnerabilities of your company. This approach yields answers that prepares management for the diligence ahead, addressing issues timely and keeping positioning on track.

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The “RIGHT” buyer is one that wants or needs your company strategically. Our ability to identify these buyers and engage them in a competitive bidding process is key to what sets us apart. Broad auctions cast a wide net that can lose many of the best buyers, waste time sifting through unqualified ones and risk confidentiality. Our job is to drop a targeted net into the “RIGHT” buyer pool facilitating the most advantageous match possible. These buyers can pay 25%+ more than other prospects due to their strategic needs and capabilities.

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Our personalized process strategies are designed to generate the best overall deal. Our extensive CPA experience offers us the unparalleled ability to identify and increase EBITDA add-backs most never see. We focus on maximizing cash proceeds in your pocket, while minimizing deal risk, through proper preparation. Structuring integral components such as working capital, escrows, advantageous tax positioning, rep & warranties and constructing back-end value opportunities, are all key to optimum deal success.

Our Expertise

Providing Best-In-Class advisory services to
a wide array of industries.

Ascend, and its nationwide affiliates, offer our clients an extensive assemblage of M&A professionals
and industry experts yielding in-depth understanding of today’s current market.

Industries Served

Selected Case Studies

Tier-One Manufacturer

Based in Silicon Valley, GSA is a tier-one manufacturer in the e-vehicle, aerospace, communications, and technology sectors, working with some of the top companies in the world. The focus of this transaction was not only to obtain the highest valuation, but also to identify the best partner to facilitate exponential growth. Ascend succeeded in finding the right partner to complete a deal that brought in a very high up-front valuation and allowed our client to retain 45% of the new company going forward.

The size and complexity of this deal necessitated we coordinate over 40 business professionals on both the buyers and sellers team including legal, financial, operational, accounting, tax, and insurance professionals to orchestrate the asking and answering of questions and dealing with all the issues that come up along the way. Ascend’s 30+ years of transaction experience and vast CPA background allowed us to achieve our client’s expectations.

“This was a long and complicated process. I really believe Ascend is the only firm that could have brought us to the finish line.”

Cesar Madrueno, CEO - Golden State Assembly

Government Services IT Company

70 days from hire, 45 days from entering LOI, sale of Texas based Government Services company closed. The company was primarily involved in intelligence, IT and education in various service sectors of the state and federal government. Engaged initially to negotiate with a prospect who had already approached our client, we initiated an accelerated process to invite several other prospects to the table with competitive bids. We used these bids to negotiate with the original prospective buyer, raising the purchase price by over 25% and adding some advantageous deal terms, including getting the deal finalized before year end. We entered LOI November 15, contracts were signed on December 30th and the funds were sent out via wire transfers on the 31st.

“There is no way in heck that I could have done what we’ve done and increased the overall value without you. It has been quite the experience. Thanks again for everything throughout this endeavor.”

Troy Glenn, CEO - Intellekt Group

Transportation SaaS Company

EcoInteractive is a Governmental transportation technology (SaaS) company based in Davis, Ca., was sold to a large private equity group for approximately 10 times EBITDA. We structured a deal with this buyer to maximize value for our client along with allowing ownership to leave within one-year post-transaction. Ascend managed the due diligence (financial, operations, and technology), attended regular meetings in addition to having almost daily client/buyer phone calls, which together allowed this transaction to close in approximately 75 days from LOI.

Approximately 100 days from the time we signed Ascend, we had a fully completed deal at an incredible valuation. Ascend was there every step of the way to help make this happen”

Michael Legg, CEO - EcoInteractive

Our Team

The Ascend team is comprised of our accomplished M&A professionals and our expansive network of affiliates. These include CEO’s, high level consultants, and industry experts located throughout the country. Our team of professionals have been business owners themselves and consulted on some of the most intricate and high-level negotiations in their industries. The combination of our teams experience and expertise offers our clients more comprehensive knowledge and support resulting in superior outcomes.

Mike Friar, Founder

Ascend Strategic Partners

Mike Friar, Founder

Ascend Strategic Partners, LLC


-Henry David Thoreau

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