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Team Approach

Our team is composed of M&A professionals with an exceptional level of accounting experience. Most importantly, each of us are entrepreneurs ourselves. Our team approach allows us to use our collective skillsets to see your business from every perspective. This amplifies our ability to get up to speed very quickly on each engagement, enhancing your position in the market.


Valuing a company is not based solely on the financials produced by internal or external accountants. Ascend’s 75+ years of CPA experience enables us to uncover “hidden value” that owners and shareholders may not see in their daily routine. This value may be found in financial add-backs that were never considered, newer technology, a platinum client list, a skilled management team, expansion of geographical or other product/service markets, increased market share, the removal of a competitor, or a combination of these. Ascend then articulates this information to those buyers whom we have identified as needing and wanting you the most to obtain the best deal possible.

Creative Negotiators

The importance of negotiating skills in the M&A process cannot be underestimated. Every transaction sees different negotiating techniques employed by the buyer. Our long history of successfully negotiating M&A transactions has allowed us to engage in almost every one of these techniques, resulting in very few strategies that surprise us. Our experience allows us to construct creative solutions to challenging demands or provisions and has brought many transactions back from the brink.

Honest & Transparent Process

Your success is our success. Therefore, you can always trust us to tell you “like it is”. We will not make commitments that are unrealistic and believe that transparency is key in communication. We will continuously keep you apprised and help you navigate any changes. We want you to feel confident to share with us every step of the way so we can consistently position you in the best way possible, thereby mitigating any unwarranted surprises. At the same time, we will always maintain the highest levels of confidentiality throughout the entire process.

Your Sherpa

Ascend provides you with guidance and feedback throughout the entire process.  We make sure that you are prepared for each meeting, each discussion, each call. We coach you to successfully address and anticipate questions from potential buyers we bring forward, in addition to guiding discussions with other team members throughout LOI and due diligence. This process is made up of a series of impressions. Providing guidance is critical so that you and your team can confidently clear each new hurdle, keeping the deal on track.

Where are you in the selling process?

  • Early Stage

    Starting to consider selling

  • Prep Stage

    Preparing my business for sale

  • Go Stage

    Ready to go to market

Our 100+ years of M&A advisory, 50+ years of operational experience and over 75+ years of financial background enables Ascend to handle any challenges that arise throughout the transaction..


-Henry David Thoreau

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