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Time Driven Process

Our 150-day transaction process keeps deals from falling apart. Excess time kills many transactions. We employ a “Shark Tank” analysis, asking the right questions to generate a deep dive into the strengths and vulnerabilities of your company. This approach yields answers that prepares management for the diligence ahead, keeping positioning on track.

Right Buyers

The “RIGHT” buyer is one that wants or needs your company strategically, not one simply looking for an opportunistic acquisition. What ultimately sets us apart is our ability to identify these buyers early and engage them in a competitive bidding process. Broad auctions cast a wide net that can lose many of the best buyers, wasting time sifting through unqualified ones and risking confidentiality. Our job is to drop a targeted net into the “RIGHT” buyer pool facilitating a match with those who want and need you the most.

Best Deal

Ascend’s process generates the highest valuation and best after-tax proceeds possible. Our extensive CPA experience allows us to maximize EBITDA add-backs, structure the deal advantageously, while also negotiating beneficial working capital and rep and warranty provisions. This adds to value, minimizes risk and maximizes the overall proceeds for the clients we serve.


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Our Team

100+ years of M&A/Business Brokerage experience

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Ascend’s commitment, of time and Partner-level resources, consistently produces
exceptional results for our clients.

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